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“Marc Demetriou has written a superb success guide unlike any other. Based on fifteen universal principles, Lessons From My Grandfather will help you achieve the success you deserve in life and business.” — Barbara Corcoran, founder, The Corcoran Group, and investor on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning show, Shark Tank


“Your book is a powerful tribute to your grandfather and to all of us who were influenced by our grandparents who came from another country to this great country for a better life ” — Steve Adubato, host, “Caucus NJ


“This book is about dreams, hope, and happiness fulfilled through courage, perseverance, humility, and an attitude that anyone reaching for success will treasure. Charlie, the immigrant, who received no public recognition or accolades in his lifetime, has a greater monument in a book by his grateful and adoring grandson who shares with all of  us Charlie's profound lessons for a great and successful life.” — Anthony Scardino, Jr., New Jersey State Senator (retired)


”Marc has reflected on his teachings of his grandfather and others close to him to embody witticism, lessons, and inspiration in dealing with all of the challenges and opportunities in front of anyone seeking success and fulfillment. Lessons From My Grandfather will help build a bridge toward personal and professional enlightenment.” — Chris Martin, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Provident Bank;  President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Provident Financial Services Inc.


“Marc Demetriou has written a wonderful, insightful story that will allow anyone to improve his or her own life. I particularly love the connection to the sage wisdom of our grandfathers. This brought back fond memories of my own grandfather giving me his advice.  We could all use such wisdom in these fast-paced, instant-gratification times. This enjoyable book is a wonderful way to reflect on how our grandparents might approach the decisions and choices of today.” — Don A. Holbrook, #1 bestselling author


Lessons From My Grandfather takes you on an inspirational journey from one generation of success to another. Marc has captured true gems from his grandfather’s history, along with his own personal experiences and concepts from modern-day leaders in business and philosophy, to create a roadmap to help you create your own vision of success.” — Daniel A. Prisciotta, CFP®, CPA/PFS, ChFC®, CBEC®, President, PrisCo Financial


“I’ve been business partners with Marc on a few different ventures over the last twenty years. He’s one of the most energetic and insightful business minds I’ve ever worked with. This book shares some unique principles for his secrets to success. Thanks Marc!” — Joe Occhiogrosso, best-selling author, A Story About, “I Will Never Do Network Marketing”


“Marc's personal story alone makes him someone to listen to when he explains how to achieve success in any field. When he adds in the wisdom of his grandfather, Charlie, you have two great role models to provide real-world lessons about the nuts and bolts that are the keys for all high-achievers. I know something about that, having interviewed many of America's top CEOs. I urge you to put this book at the top of your reading list now.” — Scott S. Smith author, Extraordinary People: Real Life Lessons on What It Takes to Achieve Success


“Lessons From My Grandfather has tremendous value for high school and college students. A compelling read, the book has great potential for helping young individuals find their way along the complex road that leads to adulthood. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would not hesitate to recommend it to my professional educator colleagues for use in their own classrooms.” — David C. Verducci, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, retired


“Marc Demetriou had the good fortune and foresight to preserve the wisdom passed along by his grandfather, a man who came from humble beginnings as an immigrant to the US in the early 20th century and achieved great success in many ways. Demetriou masterfully weaves together his grandfather's words with all that he has learned in his own life and career to produce a special book filled with easy-to-apply suggestions.” — David J. Singer, author of Six Simple Rules for a Better Life


“How do you measure a successful life, and what are the secrets to achieving it? Marc Demetriou’s grandfather, Charlie, provided a blueprint for success that is still profoundly relevant for today and the years to come. There’s wisdom for everybody in this essential book.” — Tom Corley, three-time bestselling author of Rich Habits, Rich Kids and Change Your Habits Change Your Life


“Charlie Pistis was a self-made man who came to this country with nothing and achieved great success. His inspirational story inspired author and grandson Marc Demetriou to achieve his own success. Through Marc’s book, he will help you build recognition, clarity, and vision on your own road to fulfillment.” — Henry Fein, attorney, Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard, PC


“Marc Demetriou brilliantly takes the life lessons supplied by his immigrant grandfather and applies them to the new millennium. This is an essential read for anyone starting out on a new career or otherwise looking to build a successful life.” — Neale Godfrey, Chairman & President, Children's Financial Network, Inc., New York Times #1 bestselling Author


“Marc has reached into the soul of his past to share with us the wisdom bestowed upon him by his ‘Pappous,’ (grandfather in Greek).  Having also grown up in a Greek family with strong values, I appreciate how Marc translated those tender moments with his grandfather into meaningful expressions and lessons for a better life. From one heart to another, Marc passes on to his readers a powerful pathway to success rooted in deep family values.” — Jim Kirkos, CEO, Meadowlands Regional Chamber


Lessons From My Grandfather reflects not only on Marc Demetriou’s grandfather Charlie, but in many ways it also brings to life a time that too often seems like the distant past: a time when positive and culturally relevant life lessons were passed down from generation to generation. For all those who struggle today with conflicting generational truths, a sense of generational disconnect, and an uncertainty about the rules of human engagement, Lessons From My Grandfather offers a guidebook for the future. Whatever your age or your own relationship with your parents and grandparents, you will feel like Charlie should be the spiritual role model for teaching us all how to believe in ourselves and how to nurture relationships with all those around us.” — Jack Myers, media ecologist and author, The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century


Lessons From My Grandfather takes the ageless wisdom of an immigrant who came to this country with nothing, and achieved personal and financial fulfillment. Marc captures the essence to the secret of success in business and life, while also leaving you feeling inspired and motivated to realize that anything is possible. This book is a manual for life that everyone should read.” — Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First


Lessons From My Grandfather is a must read. Marc Demetriou has skillfully woven together his grandfather's inspirational story with timeless nuggets of wisdom which are necessary to live a successful life. This book will motivate and inspire you to not only reach your highest potential but to create your own legacy of wisdom to pass down to the next generation.” — James Miller, Executive Producer and Host of the national radio show James Miller | Lifeology


“One of the most memorable things I heard in your seminar was: ‘Success is a choice.’ You, sir, have made it your life choice to share a very personal, inspiring, heartfelt, and genuine story with the world. I know that I can speak on behalf of our staff and administration to inform you that it was a privilege to take part in hearing the experience from you first hand! Our students have already expressed their gratitude and genuine excitement for your message this morning, and I know that your message is one that will serve them throughout their entire business career, and all that lies ahead of them in life.” — Jessica DellaPenna, Business Education Teacher, Lakeland Regional High School


“When I saw the book for the first time, my thoughts went to my grandfather on my mother’s side.  'Pete' left indelible images, sounds, and smells on my life.  So, as Marc shared about his grandfather, I could hear the great love he has and thus the book that tells his and Marc’s story of love, commitment, and a passion for living life in all areas, with purpose and a love for service to others.  And that can bring you the greatest rewards. I highly recommend you get your copy of Lessons from My Grandfather and listen to our conversation at” — Richard Dugan, host of KZSB-AM Tell Me Your Story


”No matter what walk of life you are from, there is something to be gained from the knowledge offered in your book and seminar.

Charlie’s story of success is one of great inspiration, built on familiar principles that are easy to grasp and apply to your day-to-day life. His story of humble beginnings is evidence that your background does not determine your future success and that almost anything is achievable through positivity, perseverance and hard work. An essential read with ageless wisdom for anyone seeking to achieve great personal and professional success.

You were gracious enough to come to my firm to speak about the lessons learned from your grandfather to a group of associates. Our group found you to be an incredibly captivating speaker with a contagious energy and a compelling story of success. It was evident that your message made a powerful impact on those in attendance and I would highly recommend your seminar to any organization seeking to improve the professional growth of its employees.” — Steven A. Loeb, Esq., Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard, P.C.


“I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Marc Demetriou at the New Jersey CPA convention in Atlantic City on June 14, 2018. Because it was the last presentation of the convention and I was eager to be on my way for my long ride back to Northern NJ, I did not expect to become as engaged and as energized by his words as I was. So much of what he spoke about resonated with me on both a personal and professional level. Having been born in Europe, I found myself nodding my head in agreement and understanding as he discussed the lessons he learned from his grandfather as he was growing up.

The lessons impacted him as he pursued his own goals in life and based on what I have learned about Marc, he has in fact created a successful life on both a personal and professional level based on those principals. I was truly inspired by his openness and willingness to share how these “simple ideas” guided both his grandfather and him to create the success they both achieved.

I am looking forward to reading his book and I strongly believe his words can serve as an inspiration to others as they did to me. I found Marc to be an effective, knowledgeable, engaging speaker and the information he shared is information I know that I will make every effort to apply on a daily basis in my journey to achieving my own objectives and goals. Finally, as an adjunct professor in Accounting, I also plan to share some of these principals with my classes.” — Antoinette M. Marmora, CPA–CFO Law Coffee Co.; Adjunct Professor, Accounting, NJ City University


Acclaim for Lessons From My Grandfather